The Yum Tum Story

 Just Helping Out

Ankita (Yum Tum founder) was looking at ways to improve her culinary skills during lockdown. She reached out to some of her friends who were chefs. They had been stood down because of the COVID disaster. Overnight, their income had vanished. She convinced them to take some cooking lessons for her over Zoom!

With incredible support from Jax Vullinghs from OnDeck, who connected her to Murray Galbraith and Josiah Wyk, she was able to set up the bare bones of Yum Tum.


The First Session

She invites a few people to join them. It’s a small private gathering online. The professional chefs impress everyone. They’re funny and gentle. They’re great at making everyone feel comfortable with this new virtual hands-on cooking experience. The crowd loves them!

But, of course, the word got out. This is no longer a private project.

Gathering Steam

Today, that little project has turned into something bigger. Yum Tum is a community project to help the hospitality staff get through this disaster. It’s a project to bring people together, even if virtually.

As of July 2020, Yum Tum had helped 32 local chefs and mixologists create an income (while they wait to learn about future employment). 400 cooking enthusiasts have attended one of 50 live interactive classes. Teams at 12 companies have bonded together despite social distancing and working from home.

The Team Grows

Harry Sekhon joined Yum Tum in July. He founded Feastively, the food-tech startup that launched 15-Minute Meal Kits in Australia. He’s a growth marketer and self-proclaimed chef.

He is passionate about helping SaaS startups grow their bottom line with sustainable growth marketing programs. Over the last 14 years, he’s worked at startups and corporations in the Food-Tech, Advertising-Tech and FMCG industries.

Our Impact

*Oct 2020

Group Experiences

Individuals connected

Out-of-work professionals supported

Bringing Teams Together from around the world!