Popular Team Experiences

Manga Team Portrait

Draw your teammates as a Manga star. Classes led by professional animators. Delivery of drawing kits optional.

Improv Virtual Team Bonding

Once Upon A Team

A hilarious team experience involving a loose-structured plot. Join us as we turn your team into characters in a blockbuster team movie!

Superheroes 20.21

Uncover your colleagues' secret super-powers with a professional comic-book illustrator, you'll learn how to capture your colleague’s heroic spirit and highlight their strengths.

Sip N Shake Cocktails

Shake it, stir it, sip it! Interactive mixology lessons to put a new twist on Friday night drinks. A surprise box with all the ingredients can be delivered to each team member.

virtual cooking

Chef-Led Cooking Lesson

Re-live your Masterchef dreams! Learn to create top chefs’ signature dishes. A surprise box with all the ingredients will be delivered to each team member.

Coffee Graffiti

Write your most audacious and inspirational goal in beautiful lettering with coffee. Yes, coffee! Delivery of painting kits optional.

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