Epic Team Experiences

Each team experience has been thoughtfully designed and created to ensure remote teams feel engaged, connected and appreciated. These experiences are perfect for team socials, end of year parties, quarterly events, team celebrations or just an excuse to get together and have some fun!

Team Manga Superstars

Ever wondered what the team would look like as Manga superstars? Bring your team's personalities and quirks to life over an incredibly fun sketch party led by a professional Manga illustrator and an entertaining host.

Improv Virtual Team Bonding

Once Upon a Team 

What's your team story? A hilarious team building experience involving a loose-structured plot. Join us as we turn your team into characters in a blockbuster movie! Lots of laughter, teamwork, ideas, and inspiration.

League of Superheroes 20.21

Who doesn't love the idea of being a superhero? Supercharge your next team building event by uncovering your colleagues' secret superpowers and learning to capture their heroic spirit and highlight their strengths.

Online Adventure Game

Longing to take your team on an unforgettable adventure full of suspense, drama, action, and mystery? Kick-off your shoes, and grab your thinking cap in this immersive theatre-style escape room challenge.

MixItUp Team Experience

Mix It Up – Beats4Teams

Amp up the team vibes as you learn to mix like a pro in a super fun, mind-expanding, collaborative musical jam session. In this funky team social, get your entire team grooving, and try your hand at spinning with a professional DJ!


Coffee Graffiti

A relaxing and mindful team experience. Write your most audacious and inspirational goal in beautiful lettering with coffee. Yes, coffee! Delivery of painting kits optional.

Sip N Shake Cocktails

Shake it, stir it, sip it! Interactive mixology lessons to put a new twist on Friday night drinks. A surprise box with all the ingredients can be delivered to each team member.

virtual cooking

Chef-Led Cooking Lesson

Re-live your Masterchef dreams! Learn to create top chefs’ signature dishes. A surprise box with all the ingredients will be delivered to each team member.

Galactic Arms Pub Quiz /

Other bespoke experiences

A fun outer-space pub quiz hosted by fascinatingly unique space cadets, includes a variety of fun trivia, mental aerobics, brain training, and fun challenges.

Get fun ideas for my team

Tell us a bit about your team and a team experience curator will reach out to you with great ideas for your next team event.

Virtual Teams that Bond with us

Virtual Team Building Stephanie

Eric Wahlgren
Director, Content Programs

Overall, it was such a fantastic experience for us! It was a good fit for our overall offsite program. The artist and emcee were lots of fun! And, I also shared the drawing of our CMO in our marketing slack channel and everyone really loved that! We really appreciated everything as well as using our platform to share what we created AND all those great thoughtstarters! Very unique and engaging! Highly recommend to every distributed team. Thank you.
Virtual Team Building Michelle Macrae

Michelle Macrae
Product Manager


We ran a virtual team experience with YumTum, to celebrate a launch, and it was awesome! I loved the way they facilitated the experience as they helped expose a side of people you don’t get to see when you’re working together. You get to see people’s creativity, you get to see what they get excited about and energized about. It was fantastic to watch people, have a laugh, and engage with one another, which is so nice.

Virtual Team Bonding Tanmay

Mark Chen
Programmatic Ads Manager

Hysterical, refreshing and energetic. The TLC our team needed! The entire team was hysterical and absolutely loved the YumTum experience. Aside from having a good laugh, there’s so much you learn about each other! YumTum took care of the entire experience end-to-end, which was awesome. The comedian and event co-ordinators were absolutely amazing. This special team event left us with some awesome team memories and left us feeling energized and refreshed.