The Definitive 10 Step Checklist on How to Organise Your Next Remote Team Social Event

by Oct 28, 2020

Are you planning a social event for your team but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Our checklist covers every aspect of organising a remote team event from choosing the type of activity to logistics to building hype in your team once everything has been planned.

Even if you’re halfway through planning, make sure you haven’t missed anything important with help from our Definitive 10-Step Checklist.

1. Understand your team dynamics

Your team will be made up of different personalities and styles so make sure to take these into account:

    • Introvert or extrovert
    • Active or passive
    • Fun or educational
    • Cultural norms
    • Close or distant

2. Determine your budget

No matter what your budget is, there’s a way to plan around it, just consider your options:


  • Self-serve vs concierge
  • Entry-level vs indulgent

3. Decide on a type of event

Thinking about the personalities in your team, choose an event type that suits best:


    • Games
    • Food and wine
    • Active
    • Creative

4. Determine the platform to use

You have plenty of platforms to choose from. Think about their features and what you can use for your event.


    • Zoom, WebEx, Hangouts, Teams
    • Recording capability
    • Polling capability
    • Host DIY or get an external organiser

5. Set a date and time when everyone’s available

    • Send invitations
    • Aim for at least 80% participation

6. Find a host / experience supplier

To make the most of your event, have a host to drive it.


  • DIY within the team – must be well-rehearsed
  • Internal HR hosted
  • External emcee

7. Create an event run sheet

Run sheets are the heart of your event. Use them to plan each section of it so it flows well:


  • Sequence of events
  • How long for each sub-activity
  • Plan breaks

8. Organise deliveries / vouchers

Don’t leave deliveries to chance or potential delays:


  • Check with postal / courier services
  • Ask provider for the latest date they need to post by
  • Send reminders to pick up ingredients

9. Build hype – get your team excited!

    • Send emails with graphics about what the teams about to experience
    • Set the stage for what to expect
    • Be clear about what needs to be done – no assumptions
    • Send reminders – 1 week out, 3 days out, the day before, an hour before

10. Have fun with your team

Once everything is all sorted, give yourself space to enjoy what you’ve organised:


  • What a herculean effort – pat yourself on the back!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • But do keep pace
  • Make it interactive
  • Tell jokes and keep it playful
  • Encourage communication among attendees

In Closing

We’ll admit, it’s not easy organising everything on your own. Especially when you have to organise invites, logistics, come up with ideas, make bookings and ten other things.

If you need help organising your remote event, get a free quote with one of our experience-curators at Yum Tum. They’re experts at creating bespoke online experiences for remote teams. Explore at least a dozen other unique experiences for your next event!

Yum Tum is a community-oriented project to help chefs and artisans affected by business disruption due to COVID19.

Leave it to your experience-curator to do all the running around. They’ll find a fun and enjoyable experience for your team.


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