Your Questions & Doubts Answered

I can’t make it to the class, can I get a refund?
You can get a refund as long as you let us know at least 2 days in advance. If you cannot make it to the lesson on the day, you will be able to reschedule for free to any of our other lessons.
Do I need to bring my own ingredients?
Yes, you will need to get your own ingredients. Ingredients should be easily accessible from the supermarket, and you will be sent these as soon as you book your lesson.
I don’t want to be on video. Can I turn it off?
You can turn off your video, and interact only via audio. You can also share your video as and when required to show the chef where you’re at, what your dish looks like, so that the chef can offer you some personalised tips and recommendations.
I have special dietary needs.
You will get an opportunity to specify your dietary preferences at the time of booking. For any substitutions, the chef will get back to you on them.
How long do the classes go for?
Most classes go for 60-90 minutes.
Can I invite my friends and family to a class?
Yes, you can. You can also get a referral link to get $10 off for both yourself and the person you refer.
Can I just watch instead of doing?
You can just watch instead of doing. However, the cost of the lesson will be the same.
What’s so special about your chefs?
Our chefs have worked as head chefs, executive chefs or run restaurants previously. They have 8+ year of experience working in award-winning or hatted restaurants. Along with their professional experience they bring years of cultural experience with them. In their classes, they share tips and techniques they share and teach their apprentices.
Can I reschedule a class?
To reschedule your class, please email us at cooking [at] yumtum [dot] co
Do I need to install Zoom on my phone/tablet/laptop?
Zoom will be required to run the class. You will need to install Zoom on your device.
Can I ask the instructor questions after the class?
Yes, you most certainly can ask questions. The lessons are interactive in nature, so you will get every chance to ask questions throughout your lesson.