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Create Your Local Chef’s Signature Dish on a Zoom Call

Join a fun and interactive cooking class on Zoom hosted by your top local chefs and mixologists.

Create with award winning local chefs & mixologists

Classes & Courses

Local Instructors

Happy Yum Tum Cooks

So Much More Than Just a Cooking Class

Your Cure for “Bored in the house

Dial into an action-packed, exciting and interactive cooking session. You won’t have a boring moment even if you haven’t left the safety of your home in days. Learn something new while having fun.

Level-Up Your Cheffing Skills

Your instructors are Australia’s top chefs and mixologists from some of the best restaurants and bars in Melbourne and Sydney. They’re opening up their book of secrets to share with you their claim-to-fame signature dishes.

Your Lockdown Socialisation Fix

Get your social game on – join 4 other people and your instructor for an interactive Cooking party. Have your questions answered instantly! Mix it up with your own tips and friendly banter.

Support Aussie Hospitality Staff

In a time when hospitality staff have been hit hard your talented instructors get to keep 75% of the proceeds from bookings. When it’s over, you can go over to their restaurant or bar and make them indulge your senses!

How it Works

Step 1 - Select a cooking or mixology class

1. Choose a Lesson / Course

Learn to recreate amazing signature dishes with chef’s tips and tricks in cooking classes. Dial-up the fun with cocktail-making classes led by creative mixologists.

Keen for more? Enrol in a course for an immersive learning experience. You’ll find recipes from around the world. Some classes are suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

Step 2 - Bring your own ingredients

2. BYO Ingredients

Yum Tum’s instructors have created detailed recipe notes and shopping lists to make the class easy and fun for novice cooks. All ingredients are normally easily available in your local supermarket or fruit & veg shop.

If you have any special dietary needs, your instructors will help you find substitute ingredients. The shopping list will be sent to you as soon as you book for a class or course.

Step 3 - Live interactive cooking on Zoom

3. Live Interactive Cooking

Follow step-by-step instructions via Zoom Video Meeting. The live and interactive classes are designed for home cooks with different experience levels. Our instructors have trained the next generation of chefs so they know how to keep pace with everyone.

Ask them questions as they come up or get them to repeat an instruction live. Share your own hot tips and banter with your “classmates”.

Choose Your Culinary Adventure

thai cuisine table layout

Immersive Courses

4 – 5 Classes Per Course


Ideal for proficient home cooks who want to learn more about techniques and new ingredients.

Courses are conducted over 4 – 5 weeks for a deep and immersive learning experience.

Small class sizes of 4 students for maximum attention from the instructor.

Classes are held on a fixed day and time based on the instructor’s availability.

woman cooking with ipad in front

Cocktail & Cooking Classes

60 – 90 Minutes of Live Interaction


Never feel bored again. Learn something new with friends, family and other cooking enthusiasts.

Classes are paced to suit novice home cooks.

Interact with your fellow cooks and your instructor live on video. Make it more fun. Bring along your favourite bevvie!

Classes can be tailored for special dietary preferences.

People Are Having Fun With Yum Tum

Nadia’s Cocktail Night-In With Her Girlfriends

Nadia and her besties from Sydney & Melbourne learned to make Thai inspired cocktails from award-winning mixologist Paolo of Eau De Vie.

“Such a great way to see my besties who I haven’t seen in months! Who knew we could create something special together and toast a few to good ol’ times.”

Nadia Hawila

Murray & Claire’s Family Baking Adventure

Murray and Claire were stuck at home with a 3-year old 5-year old. They got everyone in the kitchen to make an authentic “Eton Mess” from scratch, with chef Lotta.

“After weeks of being stuck at home due to the lockdown, the kids said this was the best thing they’ve done so far. They invited their cousins in Perth to do it at the same time which made it extra fun!”

Murray Galbraith

Mary’s Romantic Date Night with a Glass of Barolo

Mary and her partner were looking for a fun activity for a date night for a few weeks when they came across Yum Tum. They booked a Gnocchi Alla Sorrentino lesson with chef Fabio.

“I’ve been to in-person lessons in the past as a romantic activity. However, there were over 10 other couples. It was quite expensive for the overall experience. We did a Yum Tum date night last week where my partner and I learnt how to make the most delicious fluffy Gnocchi from scratch. Our Italian chef Fabio teleported us to Sorrento! It was a magical experience”

Mary Liu

Natalie Becomes a Master Fermenter

Natalie was looking at books, online recipes and videos to advance her knowledge in fermentation and preservation. Yum Tum connected her to a master fermenter chef for 1-on-1 classes.

“I’ve been wanting to learn advanced techniques such as fermentation and preservation for months now. I’ve been to physical cooking lessons in the past. But I  found that over time they become extremely expensive! Across 5 in-depth lessons with a private chef from Yum Tum, I learnt advanced fermentation techniques that I would have never learnt from books or a video!”

Natalie Barnett

Angela Bonds With New Daughter-in-Law Across Continents

Recently married Ankita (Sydney) wanted to spend some quality time with her mum-in-law Angela in London, UK. But with no flights in or out they bonded over a cooking class.

“We were a thousand miles apart. But we created a wonderful dish together. [We] learnt a lot of amazing things from our enthusiastic chef Emmanuel and ate our dinner together! YumTum has literally brought our family together through their innovative cooking lessons.”

Angela Bentley

Meet Some of Your Instructor Chefs

yum tum chef - ernesto

Chef Ernesto Circiello

Traditional Italian

Seen at Fred’s, Hotel Centennial, Uccello and Merivale

Ernesto is an Italian chef with over 15 years experience at some of Sydney’s best Italian restaurants. He’s chatty and funny. With his unique knowledge about local Italian produce he’ll teleport you to picturesque little towns.

“I left Italy when I was 19, passionate to learn different styles of gastronomy. I decided to become a chef when I was a kid, watching my grandma. She was cooking to make us happy, not just to fill our stomach! That’s why I love to be a chef. With dedication and love, you make people happy.”

yum tum chef - lotta

Chef Lotta Lassesson

Swedish & Balinese

Seen at Café Smorgas

Lotta hails from Sweden. She is passionate about Scandinavian cuisine. Her experience as a chef and cafe owner spans over 8 years. She’s passionate about her heritage and legacy – Vikings, history and food. She considers herself as a modern-day Viking warrior woman.

“I am passionate about cooking is that is fun, uncomplicated which looks and tastes great. It brings people together. Swedish food is my heritage and legacy, which I will share with you in forms of recipes, history and Swedish traditions, my way.”

yum tum chef - axxell

Chef Axxell Torres Villa


Seen at Bar Patron, Lucky Lupitas, Mexican Society

Born in Mexico City, Axell learnt to cook from his grandmother. She made a living selling pozole and tamales in the small village of Morelos near the coast of Oaxaca. He has some enviable international experience to his credit – the prestigious Noma (Copenhagen), Restaurant Frantzén (Stockholm) and Les Créations de Narisawa (Tokyo).

“I love to bring my native cooking and food mixed with all my knowledge to people outside of Mexico. I believe that food is a way to create social and cultural relationships. Food becomes better with this cultural exchange. So what better way to redefine a cuisine if it is not by cooking it outside of your home country.”

yum tum chef - wilbur

Chef Wilber Dalmeida

South Indian

Seen at New Nordic

Wilber grew up in Panjim, Goa – the popular beach town on the west coast of India. Before moving to Australia he worked at 5-star hotels like the Oberoi, Mumbai where he mastered the art of Indian cookery. Wilber is passionate about celebrating the story of how cuisine evolved in Goa – from the Portuguese influence to the confluence of different local communities.

“Food from Goa has a massive colonial past. This has impacted its culinary culture, giving it nuances that distinguish it from other forms of cooking in India. It’s fulfilling and rewarding to be able to teach people how to make exotic Goan curries, the authentic way!”

Featured Cooking Classes

Step 1 - Select a cooking or mixology class

Thai Red Curry

Instructor: Chef Micheal Jasper Far

Duration: 1 Hour

This dish packs a punch, tantalizes the tastebuds, and it’s spicier than the other curries. It’s the red chillies in the paste that lend their colour to this curry and gives it a deeper flavour. The fiery heat from the chillies is toned down by the coconut milk or using milder chillies.

Goan fish curry

Indian Goan Curry

Instructor: Chef Wilber Dalmeida

Duration: 1 Hour 10 Mins

An authentic recipe from Western India, this dish is prepared by marinating Kingfish (or a fish of your choice) in turmeric powder and salt and cooking it with several spices and tamarind puree. It has a tangy and spicy taste which will leave you craving for more!

chermoula fish moroccan

African Crispy Fish

Instructor: Chef Emmanuel Fillaudeau

Duration: 1 Hour

This is an extremely unique Moroccan dish with flavours from North Africa, the Maghreb, and the best part is that it’s healthy and tasty! You’ll learn how to make a crispy skin fish fillet and make a delicious Chermoula sauce.

Your Questions & Doubts Answered

I can’t make it to the class, can I get a refund?
You can get a refund as long as you let us know at least 2 days in advance. If you cannot make it to the lesson on the day, you will be able to reschedule for free to any of our other lessons.
Do I need to bring my own ingredients?
Yes, you will need to get your own ingredients. Ingredients should be easily accessible from the supermarket, and you will be sent these as soon as you book your lesson.
I don’t want to be on video. Can I turn it off?
You can turn off your video, and interact only via audio. You can also share your video as and when required to show the chef where you’re at, what your dish looks like, so that the chef can offer you some personalised tips and recommendations.
I have special dietary needs.
You will get an opportunity to specify your dietary preferences at the time of booking. For any substitutions, the chef will get back to you on them.
How long do the classes go for?
Most classes go for 60-90 minutes.
Can I invite my friends and family to a class?
Yes, you can. You can also get a referral link to get $10 off for both yourself and the person you refer.
Can I just watch instead of doing?
You can just watch instead of doing. However, the cost of the lesson will be the same.
What’s so special about your chefs?
Our chefs have worked as head chefs, executive chefs or run restaurants previously. They have 8+ year of experience working in award-winning or hatted restaurants. Along with their professional experience they bring years of cultural experience with them. In their classes, they share tips and techniques they share and teach their apprentices.
Can I reschedule a class?
To reschedule your class, please email us at cooking [at] yumtum [dot] co
Do I need to install Zoom on my phone/tablet/laptop?
Zoom will be required to run the class. You will need to install Zoom on your device.
Can I ask the instructor questions after the class?
Yes, you most certainly can ask questions. The lessons are interactive in nature, so you will get every chance to ask questions throughout your lesson.

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