Virtual Happy Hour Cocktails

Shake up a storm with our “Sip n Shake” cocktails masterclass perfect for your next team bonding experience. Time to grab your shakers and your colleagues!

Do you like it shaken or stirred? Whichever way you prefer it, you can count on an expert mixologist to show you the best way to make a refreshing (and strong) cocktail or mocktail, perfect to celebrate team goals, OKR’s, product launches or builds or just the end of an awesome quarter! 

After some ice-breakers, get involved in a cocktail masterclass experience like none other! You’ll mix, shake and sip cocktails under the guidance of a professional mixologist with interspersed funky tunes to keep you in the groove.

But the real fun is in mixing it up with your colleagues. Shake it. Stir it. Knock it. Squeeze it. Now do it faster! Who will emerge as the best shaker?

Imagine the excitement of watching Sally, John and Lee join you in making potions fit for a festive celebration. Look out! 👀 Lee added 2 shots of rum to her cocktail!

The longing for summer, might demand a burst of tropical flavours. Piña Colada anyone?

But if your team is adventurous, you can go for a blend of spirits. Knock your socks off with a Long Island Iced Tea.

When your Bloody Mary’s are done, put your feet up and have a laugh with your colleagues.

Go on, we know you want to, click “Book this Experience”. Raise the bar on your next team-bonding experience and raise the the team spirits (no pun intended) with this incredibly fun team cocktail evening!

    About the experience

    The virtual happy hours cocktail experience is a guided cocktail masterclass where your team will learn how to make classic and/or contemporary cocktails. That’s where our cocktail masterclass comes in: it’s interactive and you’ll learn to make incredible cocktails with perfectly portioned syrups and infusions, bitters and garnish, paired with distinctive modern spirits. Expect splashes of trivia and dashes of humour along the way. Learn tried-and-tested tricks, techniques, and trade secrets to make a great drink! 

    YumTum partner with the best-in-class cocktail maker’s and shakers to deliver you a virtual class like no other. Friday after work drinks may not take place in person, but don’t let that stop you and your team from celebrating that happy Friday feeling!

    *Works with teams of all shapes and sizes!

    *Mocktail options are available for team-members wanting the non-alcoholic option and are just as delicious!

    How it works?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty as we take care of the whole process for you. You get a complete end-to-end experience while we take care of the logistics including shipping of ingredients.

    All that is required of you is to pick a cocktail from a seasonal menu, let us now date and time that works for your team, kick back like a Piña Colada and dancing in the rain.

    Here is a step-by-step process of what will unfold:

    • You will receive an invite in the form of a fun poster to get the team excited.
    • All team-members get a calendar invite.
    • We source the best ingredients for your cocktail.
    • Each team-member receives a beautiful box full of the ingredients (mocktail for any non-drinkers)
    • A personalised event schedule is created for your team.
    • Rehearsal with our friendly co-ordinators and bartenders prior to the event.
    • The most exciting part – host the event for the team.
    • Receive short video highlights capturing the best team moments.
    • Share the video and some great team photos from the event.
    • Collect and share post-event feedback to measure team engagement.

    Optional Extras:

    • Request a beautifully packaged box with expertly sourced ingredients, local craft spirits and mixers. If you decide book without the box, we will share cocktail recipes that are pantry-friendly for team-members to source themselves.
    • Amp up the evening with some groovy music and a DJ

    Why us?

    Because we care. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping businesses improve their company culture, employee well-being and engagement. However, we believe that our track record speaks for itself, having worked with some of the most successful tech companies including Atlassian, Google, Stripe, Canva, Amazon who we continue to retain as clients. As such, see what they have to say in their testimonials on our experiences.

    “We were looking for a fun and energizing team-bonding experience for months and finally decided to go with YumTum as they looked most promising, and I’m so glad we did! Our team absolutely loved the Cocktail Masterclass experience and it was the best feeling to see everyone so happy and cheerful. Not just the drink but the entire experience was absolutely refreshing. Can’t wait for the next one!”

    Tanmay Jain

    Product Manager, Canva


    Celebrate: As teams we’re often guilty of working ourselves hard but not celebrating our wins. Through this experience, you’ll be able to celebrate wins, team goals, and acknowledge all the hard-work the team has put in, which will help build happier and engaged teams.

    Culture: Help build connections to create a healthy community and work culture where everyone feels appreciated. Our Cocktail masterclasses are a great way to bond and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

    Wellbeing: Now more than ever, employee well-being is essential. Cocktail making is a fun and exciting way to infuse well-being into your work.

    Inclusive: Our classes promote an inclusive workplace that embraces each unique team member that makes them feel exactly that, a part of the team.

    Insightful: Through the cocktail making class, learn more about your teams’ strengths, skills and build team cohesion.

    Team SizeWorks well for teams of all sizes.
    DurationApprox. 60-90 minutes

    About our Mixologists

    YumTum is a community initiative supporting Covid-impacted creative professionals, artists and hospitality workers. We work with talented local bartenders to run our mixology experiences.

    Kelsey is a self-confessed cocktail nerd. She drinks, lives and breathes the art and science of mixology. Having worked at London’s oldest whiskey specialist, she started England’s first ever women’s whiskey tasting night. Kelsey currently works at the famous Baxter Inn, a World Top 50 Bar. The only thing Kelsey is more passionate about than mixology is bringing teams together and seeing them have a blast over her immersive cocktail making masterclass.

    *Please note: mixologists may change

    Teams that bond with us!

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    What’s in store?

    New team experiences and instructors added each week.

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