Manga Team Portrait

Create memorable portraits of your team members as Manga stars!

Always wondered what the team would look like as Manga characters? Unleash your creativity with a team Manga sketch experience hosted by one of our renowned manga artists!

In this fun and immersive session, capture your colleague’s real nature by learning how to draw your teammates as manga stars, with the grand finale being a memorable virtual Manga team portrait!

With our creative sessions, your team will have some serious laughs as they create customised Manga Portraits of their colleagues. Our team portrait sessions are an entertaining and unique way to showcase your team’s work in a creative format.

** Manga sketching is a unique comic style of drawing characters developed in Japan where a focus on the eyes creates insight into the characters personality and emotion.

How it works:

All we need from you is: 1) let us know a date and time that works for your team 2) book the Manga team session 3) sit back and watch the magic unfold.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty as we take care of the whole process for you. You get a complete end-to-end service while we take care of the logistics including shipping of all the stationery.

What to expect:

Here is a step-by-step process of what will unfold:

  • You will receive an invite in the form of a fun poster to get the team excited
  • All team-members get a calendar invite
  • Each team-member receives a beautifully packaged surprise box delivered to their door, with everything they’ll need during the experience
  • A personalised event schedule is created for your team
  • Rehearsal with our friendly co-ordinators prior to the event
  • The most exciting part – host the event for the team
  • Create a short video highlights capturing the best team moments
  • Share the video and some great team photos from the event
  • Collect and share post-event feedback to measure team engagement

 Optional Extras:

  • Request a beautifully packaged box with stationery. If you decide to book without the box, we can share a list of basic stationery items that team-members will be able to source themselves.
  • A bottle of wine or can of cocktail.

We ran the Manga team experience with YumTum to celebrate a launch, and it was absolutely amazing! I loved the way they facilitated the experience as they helped expose a side of people you don’t get to see when you’re working together. You get to see people’s creativity, you get to see what they get excited about and energized about. It was fantastic to watch people, have a laugh, and engage with one another, which is so nice! Highly recommend to other dev teams!!!

Michelle Macrae

Product Manager, Google

WhyThrough this experience, you are stimulating creative thinking and building team cohesiveness. You’re facilitating and building interpersonal relationships between team-members, which is crucial to build connected and engaged teams.
Team SizeWorks well for teams of all sizes.
DurationApprox. 120 minutes

Our Manga Artists

Fi is an Australian storyboard and concept artist, illustrator and art teacher, best known for her anime and manga illustration works. 

Her career experiences include a variety of illustration work ranging from storyboarding and portraits, comics, novel covers, promotional works, tattoo designs and apparel, to game artwork and animation

For me, art is a way to express, communicate and inspire teams. Bringing a smile, captivating and moving others with my art is something I find joy in.”

Learn more about the artist during the team experience!

YumTum is a community initiative supporting Covid-impacted creative professionals, artists and hospitality workers. We work with talented Manga artists around the world to run the experience. 

*Please note: artists may change

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